Mayor Sees Tech in LA on an Upswing

July 7, 2016 – Speaking against a backdrop of downtown highrises, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says he sees a diverse tech scene coming to downtown. From rocket builders like Space-X, to futuristic tube transportation startup Hyperloop, to biotech, and videogame and Hollywood content creators – LA has a unique mix of technology innovators.

Silicon Beach companies like Snapshat and Facebook are covered in the media as the most disruptive tech players. But the Mayor of LA sees a different story playing out.

Tech Innovation: with a “Let’s do Lunch” Culture
Speaking at the launch of new co-work space Cross Campus Downtown LA, the Mayor says he sees a different kind of technology surge happening in Los Angeles. The lack of VC funding aside, the unique mix of storytellers, social image conscious people who know how to network, and technological innovation – means a different kind of tech wave in Los Angeles.

The Mayor seems aware of the role that fast wi-fi, available commercial real estate, and transportation will play in revitalizing downtown LA. For the first time in 63 years, the expo train line train line now connects the beaches of Santa Monica (where many “Silicon Beach” startups are headquartered) – with downtown.

Los Angeles is known as a car culture. But the new Expo train line means a 45-50 minute train ride can connect a startup entrepreneur from “Silicon Beach” in Santa Monica to downtown, in one train ride. In San Francisco a Google van ride from San Francisco to Silicon Valley is about the same commute.

Is Los Angeles late to the game? Sure. But it is making strides in terms of a new mix of transportation, co-work space, and the ecosystem of venture capitalists to foster technology innovation.

Technology and computers increasingly being used in Hollywood has been fostering job creation for years now. Now the city seems poised to be a hub of tech innovation.

Mayor Eric Garcetti notes online dating site eHarmony will be moving its headquarters from Santa Monica, to Los Angele’s Westwood business district on July 20, 2016. Tax breaks for Internet companies that were just extended for another three years by the Mayor certainly played a role.

Mayor Garcetti sees the fundamentals, like available commercial real estate – all promising signs of a new hub of technology innovation coming to Los Angeles.